Prince Harry Finds Love and Builds Multicultural Royal Family

Such happy news from the UK! As you will no doubt have heard by now, Prince Harry is engaged to the lovely American actress Meghan Markle!

Cheers for young love! It is inspiring to think that if they choose to have children, those children will be both U.S. citizens AND in line for the British throne. What a wonderful and loving symbol they have so quickly and inadvertently become for love and multiculturalism in Britain.

Double amputee runs a month of marathons, reaches goal of inspiring himself and others

Marine Corp veteran Rob Jones, who had both legs amputated after being wounded in Afghanistan, ran 31 marathons over 31 days in 31 different cities.

All month long, he was joined by other runners along his journey. On Saturday afternoon, the 32-year-old finished his month of marathons at the Lincoln Memorial with several dozen supporters showering him with cheers.

“I decided I would create this story of a veteran that was wounded and thrived from it. I think I accomplished that mission,” he said.

(Photo: Sean Dougherty, USA TODAY NETWORK)

Breakthrough in Gene Therapy is Already Saving Lives

As reported by NPR, a child in Europe who was born with a rare genetic disorder was on the verge of death until gene therapy reversed the disease.

In this disease, children are born with a flawed gene that prevents the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, from binding to the inner layer. This can cause excruciating blisters to form all over these children’s bodies.

The child needed more than 60% of is skin to be replaced. Doctors had decided it was a lost clause when his doctors learned of researchers in Italy who were experimenting with a new treatment for this disease. Michele De Luca and colleagues at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia were genetically engineering skin cells to repair the genetic flaw.

De Luca used a virus to insert a healthy gene into cells taken from the boy’s skin. Some of those cells, stem cells, multiply indefinitely. So De Luca was able to grow entire sheets of engineered epidermis, which were shipped to the hospital in Germany.

The treatment worked and the young boy is now doing well.

Around 25,000 people in the U.S. suffer from this same excruciating and debilitating skin condition (epidermolysis bullosa) and an estimated 500,000 worldwide.

This is such great news for those sufferers and their families. And the area of gene therapy is an area that holds so much promise for further development to treat a variety of serious and chronic conditions.


Purpose + Impact MULTIPLIED — “Healing Land & People”

Recognizing an epidemic in Ohio’s forests as well as its communities, the North Central Ohio Land Conservancy Inc. is working to end both. The NCOLC works to protect land using conservation easements and land dedications, ensuing the protection of plant life and building and maintaining hiking trails.  Recognizing that “many of our donors give out of their compassion for people as much as much as for love of the land,” the organization’s Healing Land and People initiative is using its work on land conservancy issues to also help end the cycle of drug abuse in the surrounding community.

The initiative enlists recovering drug addicts to help cull out an influx of invasive plants in Ohio forests. For the last 7 months NCOLC has employed a recovering heroin addict who spent 10 of his last 22 years in prison, along with his son and his daughter, who is also a recovering addict. They say the work bonds them as a family and gives them a purpose, as well as a meaningful alternative to spending their time on drugs or in jail.

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