U.S. Department of Transportation Spreads Joy and Wonder – Issues Santa Claus Authority to Deliver Packages by Air on Christmas Eve :-)

Showing a lighter side, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation issued a cute and joyful Order authorizing Santa Claus to fly on his sleigh and deliver presents around the country on Christmas Eve.







Simple Device May Save Countless Lives!

This simple device- Lifevac – claims to be able to save a choking person when the Heimlich Maneuver doesn’t work.

The device uses a patented air release and vacuum technology to pull a lodged item from a person’s windpipe. It is simple to use-according to the product’s website, you can even use it on yourself.

If it works, so many children, adults and elderly will be saved by keeping one of these in every school, restaurant, business and home.


Photo from https://lifevac.net/blog/

Note- this is not an endorsement. I have never sold, owned or used the product.