Purpose + Impact MULTIPLIED — “Healing Land & People”

Recognizing an epidemic in Ohio’s forests as well as its communities, the North Central Ohio Land Conservancy Inc. is working to end both. The NCOLC works to protect land using conservation easements and land dedications, ensuing the protection of plant life and building and maintaining hiking trails. ¬†Recognizing that “many of our donors give out of their compassion for people as much as much as for love of the land,” the organization’s Healing Land and People initiative is using its work on land conservancy issues to also help end the cycle of drug abuse in the surrounding community.

The initiative enlists recovering drug addicts to help cull out an influx of invasive plants in Ohio forests. For the last 7 months NCOLC has employed a recovering heroin addict who spent 10 of his last 22 years in prison, along with his son and his daughter, who is also a recovering addict. They say the work bonds them as a family and gives them a purpose, as well as a meaningful alternative to spending their time on drugs or in jail.

Check out the story and option to donate at https://richlandgives.razoo.com/story/2017ncolc.




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